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About IP

Dedicated to aiding journalists and photographers find a good spot to showcase their talent, the International Press (IP) works both as a bearer of knowledge and a virtuous promoter of art. From whistle-blowing acts of dissent to highlighting superior speeches, the IP controls all. The International Press is the face of all that happens in each of the committees. Much like the real world, here, too, the IP has a platform to express its views regarding the discussions. Further, it holds press conferences, covers committee meetings, and investigates various affairs. They are also encouraged to interact and interview the delegates to have a clearer picture of their stand on the prevailing issues. To be a member of the IP, it is crucial to be smart, quick and responsive to one's surroundings, all the while being unbiased so as to give one's best.


Paribhasha Yadav

Editorial Head

Ashrit Satija

Head of Photography

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